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The World's Most Popular Transportation Modeling Suite

Cube is the world's most widely used and most complete suite of software products for transportation planning.  Cube has a broad range of exceptional, easy to use capabilities for the comprehensive modeling of transportation systems.  

With Cube you can analyze and estimate the impacts of a wide range of infrastructure improvements and operating policies.  Cube generates decision making information quickly by using powerful modeling and GIS techniques, statistics and comparisons, clear reports and descriptive graphs and high quality graphics and animations.  Cube empowers users to make smarter decisions quickly by uncovering key indicators to use when evaluating planning alternatives.  Download Brochure

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Cube Base

Provides you with intuitive tools for editing, analyzing and mapping all model data as well as designing, building and calibrating models and simulations.  Cube Base has four work areas:

  • Transportation GIS - for data editing analysis and mapping
  • Model Development - for designing, documenting and calibrating models
  • Scenario Development - for creating, running and managing scenarios
  • Analysis - for evaluating and comparing scenarios.

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Cube Voyager

Provides a comprehensive library of programs for modeling people's travel.  

Cube Voyager allows you to:

  • Use advanced methods for traffic assignment and public transport modeling
  • Use a modular, script-based structure
  • Develop models using any methodology including:
    • Standard four-step
    • Discrete choice models
    • Activity-based models

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Cube Avenue

Enhances Cube Voyager's traffic assignment model by explicitly modeling time.  Cube Avenue allows you to:

  • Test different operational responses before implementation
  • Compare policies for alleviating peak-period congestion
  • Examine the effectiveness of emergency evacuation plans.

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Cube Dynasim

Provides you with a powerful multimodal microsimulation system.  

Cube Dynasim allows you to quickly visualize and evaluate the effects of changes in:

  • Roadway geometry
  • Operating chracteristics
  • Land use
  • Travel demand

Capture the intricacies of traffic behavior while simulating the flows of:

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Rail vehicles
  • Bicycles
  • Pedestrians

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Cube Land

Contains a library of programs for forecasting land use.  Cube Land allows you to:

  • simulate the real estate market under different economic regulatory and accessibility conditions
  • combine Cube Land with Cube Voyager giving you the ability to develop integrated land use and transportation models

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Cube Cargo

Contains a library of programs for forecasting regional and long-distance commodity flow and truck demand.  Cube Cargo allows you to test a wide variety of policies and infrastructure improvements such as:

  • Alternative pricing strategies
  • Freight-specific facilities

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Cube Analyst

Allows you to estimate and optimize trip tables from roadway and public transport countes and other survey data. Learn More

Cube Cluster

An optional extension that adds functions that enable model processes to run across multiple computer processors, either within one or on multiple personal computers. Learn More