Training on Travel Demand Forecasting with Cube


Registration Fee: Free

This two-day course is designed for those with limited exposure to Cube. Starting from basic concepts in travel demand forecasting and traffic modelling, the class will explain how to build a travel demand model with Cube.  It will cover how to use Cube Base features to harness the power of Cube Voyager and answer common questions in transportation planning and engineering. The purpose of the course is to give a thorough overview of Cube for modeling passenger travel demand.

Pre-Requisite: None, attendees are required to bring their own laptop PC (not Mac)


  • Introduction to the Cube software suite
  • Cube data types
  • Cube Base user interface components
  • Introduction to Cube Voyager scripting
  • Overview of the Four-Step model
  • Introduction to Cube user template
  • Major types of Cube models
  • Running scenarios using pre-defined data
  • Cube Voyager programs including:
  • Extracting information from model outputs
  • Generation, Distribution, Network, Highway, Matrix, and PT