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Modeling Transport 4th edition

About the tutorial:
Cube guide for "Modeling Transport 4th edition"

This system of Cube modelling tutorials is based on Modeling Transport 4th Edition (the 'book', Juan de Dios Ortuzar and Luis Willumsen). The book has been used since its first edition in 1990 by transport modellers around the world to find and select appropriate methods to their modelling tasks and for understanding the theoretic base behind these methods. The book includes a wealth of examples of how to model, in terms of approach and mathematics, the various aspects of transport.

This guide provides a set of applications showing the examples of the book coded up in Cube scripts, grouped according to the book's chapters.

Suggestions for the MODELER:

  • Find and study the appropriate method in the book
  • Study the relevant example in the book
  • See how this example is coded in Cube
  • Use the script as a base for your model and its data

Suggestions for the STUDENT:

  • Read the relevant chapter/model type and its modelling methods in the book
  • Study the examples
  • See how these example are coded in Cube

The authors have been involved with transport modelling research for over 40 years.

Juan de Dios Ortuzar

Juan de Dios Ortuzar is Professor of Transport Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, his alma mater and where he has worked since 1972. From this remote setting he has managed to form generations of young researchers in Latin America and Europe. Outside academics, he has been advisor to governments and international agencies, and has directed several transport studies involving the application of advanced demand modelling techniques and the collection of large scale travel survey data.

Luis (Pilo) Willumsen

Luis (Pilo) Willumsen has some 40 years of experience as a consultant, transport planner and researcher with a distinguished academic career. He studied Engineering in Chile and has been based in Britain since 1975: he was a researcher and lecturer at Leeds University and then at University College London. He was a Board Director of Steer Davies Gleeve having joined it full-time in 1989 with a special responsibility for technical and international development. He left that company in 2009 and is now Director of the Luis Willumsen Consultancy and Visiting professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at University College London.

About the guide : Availability and purpose

  • Comes with downloadable Cube catalog with examples scripted in Cube
  • Open to all users of Cube and to those who are evaluating the system
  • This guide will make it easier for modellers to put the lessons learned in the book to practical use in models
  • The main purpose of this guide is to promote sound modeling practices based on established methods described and discussed in the book
  • This guide is also meant to encourage the modelling community to keep up to date on modeling methods and principles; the book is an ideal starting point
  • About the book : Availability and authors

    Modelling Transport 4th Edition, © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
    Authors : Juan de Dios Ortuzar, Luis G. Willumsen

    The book is available for purchase from these sites: