The downloads below will require a current license under maintenance.

  • If you do not have a license or license is no longer under maintenance, please contact your sales representative.
  • If you have misplaced your license package, please click here to request that it be regenerated.
  • Demonstration models and tutorials are available at the Learning Center.

Latest Releases

Cube 6.4.5

All the information you need to license, install and run the latest Cube Release

View Cube 6.4.5

Cube Dynasim 6.11

Cube Dynasim will operate in Demo mode until a valid dongle and license number are supplied. ( Download 330mb )

Sugar 1.6

Sugar requires ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 - 10.5 ( Download 107mb )
NEW** Sugar Launch Pad - (Run Models in the Cloud)

Legacy Releases

Accession 1.6.4

Accession 1.6.4 runs on Windows 7 & 8 ( Download 899mb)

Cube 6.4.4

Install or update a licensed copy of all Cube products version 6.4.4.
Cube 6.4.4 (943 MB)

Cube 6.1.1

Install or update a licensed copy of all Cube products version 6.1.1.
Cube 6.1.1 with ArcGIS (1.36 GB) | Cube 6.1.1 without ArcGIS (269 MB)

Viper 5.0.1

Install or update a licensed copy of Viper including GIS Tools version 5.0.1.
Download (33 MB)

TP+ 5.0.2

Install or update a licensed copy of TRIPS version 5.0.2.
Download (18 MB)

For Legacy Downloads not listed

Please visit our FTP Repository

DK2 Dongle Drive Packages

DK2 Dongle Local Driver

For computers with 1 or 2 CPU cores
Download (2 MB)

DK2 Dongle Network Driver

For servers or computers with more than 2 CPU core
Download (2 MB)

These drivers support Windows 9x through Windows 8.1 (including Server versions) and are installed automatically during software installation.