Sugar Network Editor


Sugar Network Editor (SNE) is an add-on to Esri's ArcGIS Desktop. Create and maintain transportation networks directly within ArcGIS.

Sugar Network Editor is the ideal tool for users of ArcGIS that need to create and maintain any type of transportation network.

These networks are directly compatible with ESRI’s Network Analyst extension and other ESRI extensions, and transportation software products such as Citilabs Cube and Trafficware® Synchro.

Edit all transportation network information directly within ArcGIS:

  • Street networks including intersection characteristics and traffic control devices
  • Public Transit, Rail and Trucking - including routes, schedules and stops
  • Other modes such as air and ferry, and service networks such as school bus, postal routes, snow removal, garbage collection and maintenance.

Key Benefits to Sugar Network Editor

Routable Geodatabase Management

Easily create & manage all aspects of your transportation system directly in ArcGIS. Roadways and traffic control, public transit, pedestrian and bike networks.

Smart Topology Management

Quickly make edits without breaking or violating network topology rules.

Esri Data

All Sugar datasets are compatible with Esri's Network Analyst for route logistics and supply chain modeling.