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Transportation Modeling & Accessibility Software

Sugar provides a complete solution for managing, analyzing, and visualizing transportation networks and accessibility in your community.

Whether you need to make changes to your transportation network or simply open a map to show accessibility, Sugar has a solution that uses your existing ArcGIS platform.

Sugar Access

The perfect tool for understanding and visualizing accessibility in your community.

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Sugar Network Editor

Create and maintain your transportation network directly from Esri's ArcGIS Desktop.

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The Why and How of Measuring Access to Opportunity

Decision-makers can use the tool in a number of ways. It can provide scores that rate access to destinations such as jobs, schools, errands, recreation, hospitals, and government services for a community, including specific scores for each travel mode. It can also calculate travel times to certain types of destinations (such as restaurants) or calculate the quantity of a certain type of destination (such as jobs or schools) within a certain travel time from the origin point.

- Governors' Institute on Community Design about Citilabs' Sugar Access

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