The first comprehensive understanding of movement in america

Streetlytics pulls real information from billions of points of GPS, cellular, connected car, Bluetooth, ticketing, demographics, and ground truth data to paint the richest, most complete picture of the moving population.

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Key Features & Services

Spatial Coverage

Directional data for every roadway

Origin-destination flows between all block groups

Temporal Coverage

Hour by hour, by day type and month

Purpose & Mode

Purpose and mode of travel

Volume & Speed

Volume and speed of vehicles and people by direction

Home Location &
Traveler Data

Home location and demographic characteristics of travelers


Routes used to travel between origins and destinations


Number of travelers and vehicles between each origin and destination


The Streetlytics optimization process works in the following way:

Proprietary Optimization

Streetlytics employs a proprietary optimization process which combines data of multiple types from multiple sources:

  • Sampled location data from the movement of smart phones and vehicles
  • Full population movement data calculated using advanced models of travel behavior applied on current household and employment data
  • Ground truth measurement from a comprehensive database of current traffic counts

This process takes the best of each data source maintaining the important spatial and temporal patterns provided by the Location Data, the overall rationality calculated by applying behavioral models on current population and employment data and measured ground truth. This process produces a robust and accurate understanding of the entire moving population, telling us where people are coming from and going to, what they pass by, when they travel, where they live and work, and what mode they are likely using.

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Data delivered in three different methods

Web Application

Website access to volume maps, direction of flow, congestion levels, driver demographics, trip purpose, and trip patterns.

On-Premise Data

Access to raw data, enabling use of the information in local analytical tools.

Data API

API access to traffic volume, driver demographics, trip purpose and trip patterns.

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The Latest Streetlytics News

Types of Location Data

Location data is being utilized by thousands of companies to gain insights into who, how, and why people move from place to place.

Citilabs is hitting the road this June!

Members of our team will be traveling nationwide to unveil details about the Citilabs Smart Mobility Cloud, in addition, to major developments in the product suites: Cube, Sugar, and Streetlytics.

Measuring for Safety and Risk

Streetlytics is used by governments to build safer roads and by insurance companies to create more robust pricing models and acquire new customers.