Here Data for Cube

Highly Accurate Data in Cube Format

Are you looking for A Data Solution that can:

Minimize Manual Work & Human Error

Eliminate the need for expensive surveys & data collection

Ensure consistency across model networks

Share: In-house, and with consultants & member agencies

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  • Supplies accurate information for link attributes needed for transportation modeling
  • Significantly reduces the time required for manual network maintenance – allowing more time to spend on model development and calibration
  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of model results with underlying map details
  • Allows customized data-use through flexible license options for your agency and beyond
  • Decreases hardware and software dependencies for network editing
  • Ensures the availability of current data
  • Ability to enhance data, with custom Add-Ons. See Premium options below.

What is Included?

How the Data is Supplied

HERE data is presented as a geodatabase (GDB) file with junction data and turn restrictions. Each link contains up-to-date characteristic data which can be used directly in Cube without the need for pre-processing or editing. When user clicks the link, the available attributes for that specific location are provided.

Standard Network Attributes

Within Cube, you can reference these attributes directly for a wide variety of calculations, model development and calibration.

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Conflation Services Available

Do you need to move attributes out of your existing network into HERE? Citilabs can help.

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Here Data map data

Premium Data Options

Premium Data from HERE

traffic Pattern Add-on

HERE Traffic Patterns provides valuable insight for route planning and enhanced navigation for non-connected devices and vehicles. It delivers accurate, comprehensive average traffic speed data for 82 countries by using billions of multi-year vehicle speed observations on every type of road. HERE Traffic Patterns can also support alternative route suggestions and precise journey time estimations for logistics and navigation products.

Premium-Plus Add-on

  • Indicator if traffic signal is present
  • Indicator if stop sign is present
  • Estimate of Vehicle capacity on road
  • Toll road structure type
  • Method of payment for toll roads
  • Carpool link identifier
  • Lane restrictions for high occupancy vehicles (minimum 2 or 3 passengers)
  • Closed status due to construction
  • Suitable for four wheel drive only
  • Ramp class
  • Identifier for roads whose direction can change

Premium Data Directly from Citilabs

Traffic Volume—daily, morning—evening and off-peak

Transit Data: GTFS Data in Cube format

Citilabs will provide GTFS data in Cube format, compatible with HERE networks, where data is available.

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Quality Measures from HERE

The Quality of the HERE Databases and customer satisfaction are our highest priority. In order to achieve this objective, we have established a comprehensive and rigorous set of quality checks and product validations. We have achieved ISO 9001 certification and apply ISO/TS 16949 best practices on the continued road to an integrated, company-wide quality management system. HERE strives to continually improve its processes, which helps the company remain the leading world class supplier of enhanced digital map products used for vehicle, consumer, business and governmental applications.


HERE Network Data for Cube is available in many countries.

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Prices start from $5,000.
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