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Forecasting Land Use

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Cube Land is an econometric land-use allocation model that brings realistic land-transport interactions into the modeling process. As the transport system changes, the levels of congestion and accessibility change, impacting the value and development of land.

Using mathematical models, Cube Land forecasts land use by simulating the real estate market under different economic conditions, as well as taking into account complex aspects like land use externalities. For a user-defined scenario, Cube Land forecasts the supply, location and rents by zone for different types of properties. It also estimates the location of households and non-residential activities for different agent groups.

Cube Land identifies the impacts of:


Changes in Population, Employment & Wealth

Urban Growth Management Policies

Specific Real Estate Projects

Transportation Projects & policies

Seamlessly Integrate the Land Use and Transportation Analysis

Having objective, comprehensive, market-based forecasts of land use is critical for many planning applications, including:

  • Smart Growth Programs
  • Toll Road/Infrastructure Financing Studies
  • Sustainable Community Development
  • Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Effects
  • Gentrification Analysis
  • Long-Term Impact of Accessibility on Growth
  • Optimize Growth With Limited Resources
  • Environmental Justice Analysis
  • Goods Movement Planning
  • Assessment of Real Estate Projects and Land

Advantages of Cube Land over other platforms

Integrated with Cube Base

  • * A stand-alone version is also available (for non-cube voyager users)
    • - Provides Travel Model Inputs
    • - Familiar Interface
    • - Ease of Data Sharing

Integrated with Cube Voyager

  • - Uses Most Commonly Available Data for Installing the Software and Preparing Scenarios
  • - Consistent With Travel Model Data

Integrated with ArcGIS

  • - Ease of Mapping
  • - Flexible, Attractive Graphics
  • - Web-Based Outputs

Improved Equilibrium Convergence

  • - Greater Accuracy
  • - Easier Calibration
  • - Explicit Interaction Between Consumers, Suppliers and Groups of Agents (households & firms)

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