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Application & Sharing Framework for Transportation Planning

Are you looking for Flexible Powerful Options to:

Minimize Human Error

Manage Many Scenarios

share the Results

Share the Model

Provide Scalability

Interactive Video Tutorials

Exporting Catalog & Entering into Cube Cloud

Explore a simulation on how to easily export your model from Cube Desktop and directly push the model to Cube Cloud. Your results are now ready to be shared.

Upload Data & Create and Run Scenarios in Cube Cloud

Learn how to upload new data and create and run scenarios in Cube Cloud. You can then access all inputs such as highway networks, transit networks and land use files in the cloud by creating folders within your model data, and uploading the required datasets.

Invite a Coworker & Analyze Results in Cube Cloud

Learn how to invite a co-worker and share a model to analyse results in Cube Cloud. Cube Cloud offers a safe and efficient way to share your model and results with multiple users without necessarily providing access to all the data and scripts.

Citilabs offers a safe-sharing solution for those maintaining one or more models for multiple public and private-sector end-users. Cube Cloud is an easy-to-use, low cost, secure and efficient approach to running and distributing your transportation and land-use models.

Securely collaborate and manage — yet maintain control

  • Work as teams, work from home, work from anywhere anytime Available via all device types – PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Central repository for model and data
  • Alleviates version control issues; reduces fragmentation
  • Permission based: model administrator can simply invite others to use their model, without transferring any data, scripts, or other files, using permission levels
  • Provide customized views of your model and prepared results for technical and non-technical users
  • Always ensure that users have your latest datasets and model revisions.
  • Always be able to reproduce the same results that consultants and partner agencies achieved.

Lower Costs

  • Move from locally-licensed desktops to Software as a Service (SaaS). A monthly subscription allows you to use the model at low, or even, no cost

When comparing the cost between desktop and cloud, consider the following factors:

  • Internet/browser based – no software required
  • No additional hardware to purchase
  • Cube Run-time Modules included with your subscription
  • Use the ArcGIS software that you and your partner agencies already have to for easy analysis and data editing, then run your updated scenarios through Cube Cloud.
  • Significantly less staff time needed
  • Reductions in Run-Time


  • Start tens, or even hundreds, of scenarios simultaneously. Hardware is no longer a constraint.
  • Improve the quality of traffic analyses by making it possible to rapidly and easily undertake a larger number of sensitivity and reliability tests

Speed & Capacity

  • Utilizes Cube Cluster to drastically cut run times – 50% to 80% for full model runs
  • Provides customized model run environments and high performance computing resources to support even the most complex models
  • The user defines any number of cores to be used to run a scenario, the system has been tested with more than 1000

How it Works

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Cube Cloud Pricing

Citilabs offers several different contract levels from a few core-hours per year for smaller agencies to very high numbers of core-hours for large agencies and consultants. When sharing your model with others, you can choose to have their runs charged to your contract or the user's own contract. This pricing approach gives transportation analysts and administrators improved flexibility in managing the costs of sharing transportation models with others.

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