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Transportation & Land-Use Modeling

Cube is the only modeling platform that covers all aspects related to transportation planning, engineering, and land-use. With an open platform, Cube allows you to build and calibrate models of any type.

Data Management

Create, edit, and visualize your data. Cube provides seamless support for Esri Geodatabases and ArcGIS Online.

Scenario Management

Define and organize an unlimited number of scenarios, easily document your input assumptions, and reproduce the results for hundreds of archived alternatives.

Application Management

Intuitively build models using a visual, flow-chart style, user interface. The applications clearly document the process flows.

Cube provides modules to answer specific what-if type questions regarding changes to the transportation networks, land-use, and the population.

Whether you need to model regional travel demands or understand all the details of traffic operations and parking at an airport, Cube provides the best solution for your needs today and in the future.

All Cube modules seamlessly work together to enable you to create a better future by making the most informed transportation and land use development decisions.

Cube Voyager

Allows you to build macroscopic regional models to understand large scale personal travel demands.

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Cube Avenue

Is a city mesoscopic simulation solution to model the dynamics of congestion throughout a day.

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Cube Dynasim

Is a microscopic traffic simulation solution model all aspects of traffic operations and parking.

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Cube Land

Predicts land-use changes given modifications to the transportation system.

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Cube Cargo

Models freight movement throughout a city or region to understand the impacts of commodity flows.

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Cube Analyst

Directly estimates trip matrices from roadway and public transport counts and other survey data.

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Cube Cloud

Secure sharing of models, data, and results with customized access for different users.

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HERE Network Data

Citilabs has partnered with HERE (formerly Navteq) to offer road network data for use within Cube.

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What our Clients say about Cube:

Here are a couple of many customer reviews and we are proud to support them all.

“Our agency has used the high-level of flexibility in the CUBE software platform to take advantage of a very wide range of input data in developing and implementing innovative, efficient modeling applications.”

Mike DuRoss

Delaware DOT, United States

“It is a joy working on Cube Voyager. Love the interface, flexibility and the wonderful support. It is an excellent product supported by an awesome team!”

Jeffrey Ang

SMRT, Singapore

“CUBE is an incomparable tool, with its modeling interface combined with a powerful library of functions makes it the reference system modeling and simulation of traffic”

Armando Luiz Dettmer

Florianopolis, Brazil