Building Solutions


A global team of professionals to accelerate productivity, implement solutions, and provide custom developments.

Citilabs helps customers discover and implement high-value solutions that generate rapid, meaningful, and measurable results.

Citilabs can provide assistance in the following areas:

    Implementation of Citilabs
    Software Products

  • Development and application of traffic forecasting models using Cube Voyager, land use models using Cube Land and commodity flow and truck forecasting models using Cube Cargo
  • Development and application of traffic and parking simulation models using Cube Avenue and Cube Dynasim
  • Estimation and optimization of road and public transit origin-destination matrices using Cube Analyst

    Application Optimization and Migration

  • Optimization of model run times through the use of Cube Cluster
  • Work flow design and optimization of GIS and modeling using Cube and ArcGIS
  • Migration of travel demand models to Cube Cloud for storage, publication, and execution
  • Migration of modeling systems from legacy and competitor products to Cube

    Development of Focused Solutions

  • Development of turn-key solutions for end users for traffic, land use and freight/truck analysis and forecasting delivered both in on-premise desktop and server environments and through Cube Cloud.

    Software Development

  • Customizing and adding new features to existing Citilabs software programs
  • Developing new software routines targeted to meet unique and specific client needs
  • Converting “black box” software procedures into Cube scripts for easier replication, modification, understanding, and reporting


  • Delivering customized training focused on Citilabs’ software elements consistent with client needs and priorities

    Other Services

  • Serving on peer review panels for existing travel demand models and planned enhancements
  • Supplementing consultant staff resources as needed for short to longer term circumstances

Case Studies

Södertälje Macrosimulation Model

Södertälje, Sweden

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Collegno, Italy

San Joaquin Valley Model Improvement Program

California, USA

California Statewide Travel Demand Model

California, USA

A Global Presence

Citilabs offers services throughout the world from professional service centers located on the east and west coasts of the United States and from locations in the UK, Germany, Italy, China, and United Arab Emirates.