Software Release

Cube 6.4.5

Now Available!

Citilabs is excited to announce the release of Cube 6.4.5.

Cube 6.4.5 comes with major updates to the HIGHWAY program to improve run time performance. There are also several bug fixes included in this release.

New Features

  • New option (DEC=F2) for a faster path building in HIGHWAY program. Run time improvements of up to 30% can be achieved with this new setting.
  • Distributed processing (MULTITHREAD) for ADJUST phase in HIGHWAY program. This feature allows users to the distribute the ADJUST phase process to multiple cores. This is in addition to Cube Cluster for the ILOOP phase. Depending on the size of input highway network and ADJUST phase statements, run time improvements of up to 65% can be achieved in some cases.
  • New parameter (LOWVALU) in Analyst Drive to prevent the zeroing of small matrix entries due to loss of precision.


Cube Voyager


  • Updated checking criteria of EFARE/FARE and ENUMFARE to make sure the path analysis/trace function runs when using ROUTEI files and ENUMFARE.
  • Fix for memory overflow issue when a zone enumerated large number of routes.
  • Fix for bug in NT leg generation.


  • Fix issues with ZDATI processing.


  • Fix for issue when more than one toll on-ramp or off-ramp share the same A node. This created a condition where Voyager was not able to identify certain toll-gate combinations. This fix requires that any on/off gate combination are part of the same toll system.
  • Fix for crash when using turn penalties and TOLLMATI inputs.


  • Fix for issue with reading fare links data.

Cube Base

Scenario Manager

  • Fix for stack overflow issue when opening catalogs.
  • Update to multiple scenario run order. The scenarios will now be listed in the order they appear in the scenario tree which matches with the run order.

Application Manager

  • Fix for issue with updating path references.

Network Editor

  • Improved the speed of reading path file with multiple path tabs.

GIS Editor

  • Fix for issue when switching to layout window which has an unsupported GIS printer layout.


  • Update to ArcGIS Engine license authorization to support minor versions.

Cube Cluster

  • Fix for issue when merging tokens after multistep.

Note: If you are moving from a Cube 6.4 installation to Cube 6.4.5 installation. Please follow the below steps.

  • After installation of Cube 6.4.5, open license manager
  • Go to Menu>>Download License Updates
  • Select the licenses which are activated on the computer and Click Download Updates

You have to do this the first time you install Cube 6.4.5 on a computer, which already has Cube 6.4. This only applies to licenses which are activated on that computer and does not apply to licenses from a server.