Urban Engines and Citilabs Partner to Improve Urban Mobility

Washington, D.C. -- January 10, 2016

Today at the 95th Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences' Transportation Research Board (TRB), Urban Engines and Citilabs announced a strategic partnership connecting Citilabs’ Cube Transportation Modeling system to Urban Engines’ mapping, visualization, reporting and analytics platform. Beginning this month, the two companies will deliver an integrated solution to provide unprecedented visibility into public transit system performance and planning. The alliance combines Urban Engines’ deep knowledge in data analytics and visualization with Citilabs’ expertise in delivering solutions to transportation operations and planning agencies worldwide.



For the first time, transit management, operators and planners will connect across one platform. The integration of the two technologies provides a complete system for monitoring and predicting transit system performance enabling better planning and operations decisions.

The combined system brings the following solutions to customers:

  • Digital Replica: By combining Urban Engines’ capabilities to reconstruct and analyze dozens of  existing signals from city transit systems (like fare card data and GPS traces) with Citilabs’ data  expansion capabilities, a complete digital replica is produced that shows every vehicle and every  trip ─ even from partial data.
  • Scenario Planning: By integrating Citilabs’ demand modeling components with Urban Engines’ Intelligence module, users have the ability to:
    • Test and respond to incidents on a daily basis.
    • Visualize short-range for optimizing operations over weeks and months.
    • Effectively plan for long-range improvements to public transit infrastructure and  operations.
  • Performance Metrics: Improved forecasting capabilities and a full understanding of system  performance are the result of the integration of Urban Engines’ metrics with Citilabs’ modeling  components. In addition, Urban Engines’ emulation system tracks and visualizes the movement of  vehicles by directly incorporating existing signals from city transit systems.



Citilabs is committed to bringing innovative technology to planners and engineers to help solve important problems in urban mobility.

Michael Clarke - President & CEO of Citilabs.


“Citilabs is committed to bringing innovative technology to planners and engineers to help solve important problems in urban mobility,” said Michael Clarke, president and chief executive officer of Citilabs. “By partnering with Urban Engines, we bring together our strengths in understanding and modeling mobility with Urban Engines’ expertise in leading-edge data analytics and visualization to provide customers with technology to improve system efficiencies and the experience of the commuter.”

“This alliance combines the strengths of both Urban Engines and Citilabs to deliver innovative technologies to improve public transport systems,” said Shiva Shivakumar, chief executive officer of Urban Engines. “By bringing these two systems together, we’re making it easier for transportation operators and planners to improve urban mobility and the overall quality of life in our cities.”


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