Citilabs Announces the Release of Sugar Access 2.0

Today is the release of Sugar Access 2.0. A combination of updates experienced in the recent Sugar Access Beta version and additional new updates, Sugar Access 2.0 brings users the following new capabilities and many more:

  • In-Vehicle and Out-of-Vehicle travel time differentiation for transit accessibility analysis.
  • Multiple travel mode analysis within one accessibility analysis run.
  • Use of value of time decay curves to differentiate between an individual’s desired travel times.
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist level of traffic stress considerations within accessibility.

Current users will have access to both “Sugar Access Beta” and the new “Sugar Access” production versions within their LaunchPad interface.  Users should be aware that running the same accessibility scenario in the same application from the two versions may garner different results, users may continue to run the same analyses within “Sugar Access Beta” to achieve the exact same results as prior.  To understand the specific changes to the accessibility analysis methodology, please read the release notes.

User’s currently working with “Sugar Access Beta” will experience few changes in their accessibility analyses, specifically, transit in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle travel time differentiation, as well as the specific bike level of traffic stress values.


In-order-to make the new version of Sugar Access available to you, the LaunchPad must be updated.  To do so, please click the “update” button at the top of the LaunchPad:


Here are some answers to some of the general questions you may have about the update:

  • What was the main driver behind this Sugar Access update?

Sugar Access now has almost 50 individual users across the platform.  It is important to ensure that each user have access to the latest and greatest methodology, and version of the software, and to be aligned with other users of the software.  While users currently in the “Beta” version may not experience many changes, they will now be aligned with other Sugar Access users.


  • Why are my accessibility analysis scenarios from the “Beta” version not in the “Sugar Access” version?

Because of some of the differences in the two versions, some of your current accessibility scenarios may not be valid scenarios in the new version.  If you would still like to have your scenarios transferred to the new version, please email  Please note that you may have to change some file references or parameters if your scenarios are transferred.


  • How can I learn more about the new version of Sugar Access?

Sugar Access 2.0 User Guide

Sugar Access 2.0 Intro Video

Sugar Access 2.0 Release Notes

Sugar Access 2.0 White Paper


Thanks for continuing use of Sugar Access, we hope to continue the industry push towards measuring accessibility and bridging the gap between transportation and land-use planning.