Streetlytics Location Analysis

Citilabs has built the world’s leading transportation modeling and simulation software, Cube, used in 2,500 cities around the world.  In 2017, Citilabs combined its understanding of transportation simulation with mobile phone data and traffic counts to create Streetlytics. Streetlytics is the measurement of hourly vehicle and pedestrian volumes, speeds and demographics on every segment of road in the US. Streetlytics also includes the origin destination pairs for every vehicular trip and the turn by turn path in-between. Since 2017, Streetlytics has become the data that powers audience location measurement for Geopath, the nonprofit auditing organization for the US out-of-home media industry.

The $8B American billboard industry knows that understanding who is on the road is vital to successfully investing in a location.


Traffic Counts

Traffic counts are useless if they are old or not directly in front of the specified location. Streetlytics provides average annual and seasonal daily vehicular and pedestrian traffic for every address in the US, Puerto Rico, Vancouver and Toronto (All of Canada available in 2019). This is updated every month with hourly weekday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday counts. These counts are directional and show how many people turn right and turn left at every intersection.


Potential Trade Area

Customer transaction records allow retailers to map out their trade area, but they don’t know who they are missing. The potential trade area is the home locations of all the people driving and walking by a property. Streetlytics can provide this, the general demographics, and Esri Tapestry groups for every address in America. This is updated every month with hourly weekday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday potential trade areas.



Unique Passersby

Unique passersby are the number of distinct individuals passing by a location during a daily, weekly and monthly period, regardless of how often they pass by. This is updated every month with weekday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday frequencies.





Origins and Destinations

Streetlytics understands where people are coming from and where are they going to. This is updated every month in the morning, at lunch, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night for every weekday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.









Streetlytics understands the turn by turn path for every trip. It knows all of the locations each car has passed as well as how long these cars have been driving and how much further they are have to go.



Streetlytics location analytics is vital to understanding who is on the road in front of any location. Contact Citilabs today to find out Streetlytics can help you.


Hugh Malkin