Futura '16 Call for Presentations

Are You Ready to Rock Futura 2016?

We are looking for transportation managers, planners, modelers or developers to share captivating content about the methods you are using and the results, or other key topics of interest to the conference audience.

We have three formats for presentations or workshop sessions:

  1. individual speaker or co-speakers, 30-45 minute sessions
  2. panels of three or more, plus a moderator, which last between 45-60 minutes
  3. two-hour pre-conference workshops

Pro tips for a winning presentation submission:

Here are a few tips for you to maximize your topic's acceptance:

  • Think about the biggest challenges facing the transportation planning community. Does your presentation touch upon one of these?
  • Does your presentation include a case study?
  • Does this presentation cover a challenge that was faced, what the unforeseen obstacles were and how those were overcome (and what could be done differently)?
  • Do you have an innovative method or data source that others would find beneficial? Has it streamlined your processes or provided intelligence that previously was not automated or readily available?


And again this year, Cubie Awards will be presented to the top presentations.



Presentation topic ideas/concepts MUST be received before or by the close of business on September 16, 2016.

Please fill out our presentation/topic submission form in its entirety as only complete forms will be considered.



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