CITINEWS Vol. 2 - What’s happening at Citilabs


TRB Annual Conference 2016 – One of the Best Yet!

It was great meeting so many of our users and discussing the big announcements with Streetlytics and AirSage, Urban Engines, and how many people are finding great applications for Sugar Access!  The conference mirrored many of these same themes with fantastic presentations and poster sessions on putting New/Big Data to use and on Accessibility/Connectivity/Ladders of Opportunity

Now following the conference, Rebecca Higgins from the office of the Secretary of USDOT will join Eric Sundquist, Managing Director of SSTI for a discussion on new measures of accessibility and connectivity and the tools now available for these measures.  This webinar is open to the public – Wednesday, January 27, 2pm ET.  Register Here  



HOW TO – Cube Voyager / Highway Program

The HIGHWAY program in Voyager is used for skimming (building paths and extracting costs) and assigning vehicle trips to the highway network. This program runs an iterative process until convergence is reached. The HIGHWAY program supports both the typical link-based capacity constrained assignment, as well as junction- or intersection-constrained assignment. Several additional analyses can be done inside the program. The HIGHWAY program is very flexible in terms of defining the volume delay functions and generalized costs. It supports multi-modal multi-class assignment. This section in Citilabs User Community shows examples of how to set up a simple assignment using the HIGHWAY program.  




Well, Of Course We Need to Measure Accessibility …

Much of the recent talk around the transportation water-cooler thesemeasure-accessibility.jpg days has been about promoting multi-modal accessibility as a performance metric. We should no longer agonize over arbitrary highway travel times between exits A and B; rather, we need to know what destinations are reachable at and between those exits. Accessibility has been measured and defined in different capacities, most of those centering around measuring the amount of jobs accessible within a certain travel time.

Citilabs’ engineer, Matt Pettit, provides his insights on why measuring multi-modal accessibility is important now and for transportation planning. Download our white paper on the topic from this article.




What's New in Cube Dynasim?

Version 6.11 Now Available
Cube Dynasim is the only scenario-based microscopic simulation for all aspects of traffic operations and parking. This affordable solution is offered as a separate module and is completely integrated with the Cube modeling suite.

Recently released, Dynasim version 6.11 includes many new features including:

  • Reduced computation time and minimize file sizes
  • Enhanced interface and ability to manage and run multiple scenarios and multi-tasks
  • The ability to share settings amongst different projects has been further enhanced
  • And more!

Learn more about the new features and enhancements in our latest News Announcement. From this article, you can also download Dynasim version 6.11 and the updated manual.




Traffic Count Alone is Not Enough

Are you involved in making a business decision involving a location? If so, the information in this article will rock your world. In addition to traffic count - there are five more critical data sets to gather and analyze, including using current cell phone and GPS data. Learn how to make more informed decisions about the best locations for your business or to better understand why some locations perform worse than others.



Attention — Cube User Groups

Citilabs would like to help promote all independent Cube User Groups and partner with you on various initiatives (focus groups, spotlight article in Citinews, training opportunities, etc.). If you are a member or leader of a Cube User Group, we’d like to hear from you. Complete our Cube User Group information form today!



Why Attend Futura 2016?

Citilabs International User Conference, October 22 - 28

Take advantage of a variety of training sessions never offered before!

Futura 2016 is offering a number of unique training opportunities -- providing users with extremely practical courses that teach key functionality of Citilabs’ software while exploring in depth specific modeling tasks.   The goal of this training is to send users home with the knowledge and hands-on experience that allow them to drastically improve their efficiency and capabilities immediately.

Citilabs provides the most flexible and open transportation and land-use modeling platform for planners and transportation engineers around the globe.  Attend and learn how to automate any workflow by bringing third party software and data into your model applications.