Access Cube Through Amazon Web Services

Cube is now available for use on the Cloud, hosted by Amazon Web Services.   Citilabs provides three options:


cloudOption 1- Everyday User:
Cube Cloud

Cube Cloud is an application and sharing environment.  Customers upload their model and data using simple and intuitive menus from Cube’s desktop environment.  Once uploaded, the model can be safely shared with other users while still protecting the integrity of the model and data.  Creating scenarios, running the model, and producing high quality map/chart/table results is completely streamlined in Cube Cloud. Thus making it possible to share models, and the results, with non-experts.  Cube Cloud is hosted within Amazon Web Services making it possible to run highly complex models quickly using scalable resources.

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awsmarketplaceOption 2- Specialized User:
Cube for AWS Marketplace

Cube software can be acquired through the Amazon Marketplace and used on a wide variety of virtual machines.  Cube for Amazon Marketplace provides access to Cube, just as if you had a copy of the software running on your desktop.  This provides an easy and scalable way to use Cube for a short duration. Example scenarios include: Needing an extra copy of Cube for a project, or wanting to take advantage of the high spec software available on Amazon Web Services. Click here to view our AWS Marketplace page.


cubeandawsOption 3- High Level User:
Cube Image for AWS

“Corporate” customers can now acquire a copy of Cube as an AWS image that can be used directly with their own Amazon Web Services account.  This provides the user with the capability to use Cube without limitation on AWS.  It is a great option for those who require multiple simultaneous instances, year-around.


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