Meet Austen Duffy!

From Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to software programmer, CTO Austen Duffy takes on multiple roles at Citilabs

Cube 6.4.5 Now Available

Citilabs is pleased to announce Cube 6.4.5, the latest release of the world’s most advanced and most popular transportation modeling system.

Types of Location Data

Location data is being utilized by thousands of companies to gain insights into who, how, and why people move from place to place.

Meet Filippo Contiero!

Recently, we talked with Filippo Contiero, a senior transportation engineer at Citilabs, and asked him about all things Citilabs.

Meet Oliver Charlesworth!

In a recent interview, we sat down with our UK Global Account Director Oliver Charlesworth and talked with him about how his role has evolved since starting with Citilabs

Measuring for Safety and Risk

Streetlytics is used by governments to build safer roads and by insurance companies to create more robust pricing models and acquire new customers.