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Södertälje Macrosimulation Model

Structor AB, Södertälje | Sweden

Citilabs assisted Structor AB in the creation of a traffic modeling tool for the city of Sodertalje, located in Central Sweden, with a population of 65,000 inhabitants. The project consisted of the implementation of a simple model in Cube composed of two applications to compute demand and assign traffic on the network, and a third application to evaluate results:


Demand Model

Assignment Model

Compare Results Application

Results that Make a Difference

The demand model includes three options using a base matrix, estimating the input matrix or computing future demand via growth, both “simple growth” and “advanced growth” options are available.

The assignment model offers the possibility to choose between a static assignment (based on Cube Highway and useful for macro-scale analyses) and a dynamic assignment (based on Cube Avenue useful for meso-scale analyses).

The compare application is designed to assess the results obtained by the assignment (static or dynamic) and compare them against observed data or results from other scenarios.

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