Understand Population the Streetlytics Way

Streetlytics allows you to make the most informed decisions by providing direct access to the most complete, ready-to-use insights on the population, their activity, and movements across all modes of travel today and in the future.


Streetlytics is a revolutionary new way to gain a more complete picture of a population. What questions will you answer?

  • Who
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How
  • Combine Answers
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Understand the population present in an area by time of day and day of week.

  • What are the demographics of the daytime population?

Similarly understand the population traveling down a specific roadway or using a specific transit line.

  • Who will be impacted by your project?

Understand a population by their activity and travel characteristics.

  • What is the population of non-residents in an area?
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Understand how traffic levels differ by time of day, day of week, month of year.

  • When are the best times to schedule construction for minimal impacts?

Understand the activity patterns of a target population.

  • When do people who live in this area travel to work in the morning?

Understand the seasonality or day of week activity in an area.

  • How does use of central park change on the weekends during the summer?
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Understand the trips being made down a specific roadway. Where did they start? Where they are going?

  • How can I optimize my travel demand management strategies?

Understand where your target population lives, works, and shops.

  • Where can I locate services convenient to an underserved population?

Understand movement patterns of target populations.

  • Along which route should I construct bike lanes to get the most adoption?
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Understand why a population is in a certain area.

  • For the population in an area, how many are there for work?
  • How many are residents in the area?

Understand what factors impact why people drove to an area vs. took public transport.

  • What were the trip lengths and Access Scores for people driving to work.
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Understand how a target population travels.

  • How many commuters to downtown drove today?

Understand what factors impact a target population's mode choice?

  • By improving the Access Score how many more people will choose to take public transport?
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Combine Answers

For trips that end at a regional shopping center and use a specific roadway:

  • How many are traveling to work or shop?
  • Where did the trips start?
  • Where do the travelers live?
  • How did the travel change in August versus December?
  • How is it different on weekdays or weekends?

Key Features for every street, we provide

traffic Volume

(daily, morning, evening, off-peak)

primary direction of flow

(Morning and evening)

traffic Congestion

(daily, morning, evening, off-peak)

Demographics of Drivers


Trip purpose


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