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Cube Voyager

Advanced methods for passenger forecasting

Cube Voyager brings together the latest in Citilabs' technologies for the forecasting of personal travel. Cube Voyager uses a modular and script-based structure allowing the incorporation of any model methodology ranging from standard four-step models, to discrete choice to activity-based approaches. Advanced methodologies provide junction-based capacity restraint for highway analysis and discrete choice multipath transit pathbuilding and assignment. Cube Voyager includes highly flexible network and matrix calculators for the calculation of travel demand and for the detailed comparison of scenarios.

Cube Voyager was designed to provide an open and user-friendly framework for modeling a wide variety of planning policies and improvements at the urban, regional and long-distance level. Cube Voyager brings together these criteria with a comprehensive library of planning functions applied under the general Cube framework. This makes the management of data a snap, and the coding of complex methodologies simple via a step-by-step approach.

Cube Voyager meets today's modeling requirements

Models built with Cube Voyager can be of many forms:

  • Four-step models commonly used in urban areas: Cube Voyager includes easy-to-use templates for developing generation, distribution, mode choice and assignment structures
  • Modified four-step with feedback: hybrids of four-step models designed to improve of the weaknesses of pure four-step models. Such modifications include car ownership models, combined mode and destination choice and iterative feedback for model equilibrium.
  • Activity-based demand: Cube Voyager provides the flexibility to incorporate most of these techniques. It is simple to incorporate specifically designed modules for the analysis and estimation of activity patterns.
  • Combined equilibrium models : Cube Voyager provides a complete scripting and equilibrium feedback language allowing models of this form to be implemented.

A comprehensive library of functions

Cube Voyager provides a comprehensive library of functions for the modeling and analysis of passenger transport systems: roadways, public transit, pedestrians and bicycles.