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Cube Dynasim

Simulate Before You Build

Cube Dynasim is a leading traffic microsimulation software system used to model the operational impacts of changes to the built environment and to operating policy.  Cube Dynasim takes into account the true impact that individual intersections, weaving areas, control devices, and transportation modes have on each other. It realistically emulates the flows of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, rail vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.  It provides detailed reports, analysis, and 3D and 2D animations showing how the transportation system will function given the proposed changes.




Light Rail

Specialized Junction model


Car Views




Cube Dynasim is used for a wide variety of studies:

  • Roundabouts

  • On-street Parking Maneuvers

  • Multimodal Transit Centers

  • Bus Malls

  • Parking Lots

  • Transit Priority and Preemption

  • Bike Lanes

  • Pedestrian Priority Areas

  • Expressway Facilities

  • Complex expressway interchanges  and weaving areas

  • High occupancy vehicle lanes

  • Toll plazas and facilities

  • Construction areas and lane closures

  • Ramp metering on expressways

  • Railroad priority and preemption

  • Taxi stands

  • Grade separated intersections

  • Complex and closely-spaced intersections

  • Uncontrolled intersections

  • Large-regional networks

  • Two-way-left-turn-lanes

  • ITS technologies

  • Special event traffic

  • U-turns

  • Evacuation plans

  • Truck terminals

  • Advanced signal systems and technologies