Software Release

Cube 6.4.4

Now Available!

Citilabs is excited to announce the release of Cube 6.4.4.

  • ArcGIS 10.6 support. Cube 6.4.4 will support the latest ArcGIS Desktop version (10.6) and comes with ArcGIS Engine 10.6.
  • Updates to GIS editor to better handle conflicts with data editing. Several work flow improvements and bug fixes were completed to make the editor avoid conflicts and errors.
  • PT Crowding
    • Support for modeling overcrowding (utilization > 100%).
    • New smoothing/averaging methods for crowding factors, capacities and demand.
    • Ability to do incremental loading with user specified weights.
  • Update to text editor highlight feature

Cube Voyager


  • Fix for string variables memory size issue. This affected the replacestr and replacestric string expressions
  • SLEEP TIME parameter now may accept either a value or a variable name


  • Fix for STOP2STOP output in crowd model.
  • Add warning when SKIMS=T but the output skim matrix is not set-up.
  • Crowding – Support for modeling overcrowding (utilization > 100%).
  • Crowding - New smoothing/averaging methods for crowding factors, capacities and demand.
  • Crowding - Ability to do incremental loading with user specified weights.
  • Crowding – Fix for RelDiff and RMSE calculations with multiple user classes
  • Add warning for when RDIFF/RMSE = T and but no SKIMIJ phase.
  • Update to handle longer PT lines
  • Update to the formulation of calculating RMSE in crowding by considering only the number of effective ODs (with valid skim) as denominator


  • Update to AUTOMDARRAY to allow more memory utilization
  • Add support for arbitrary ZI string fields
  • Fix INTRAZONAL keyword function inside LOOPs
  • Fix for issue with INTRAZONAL not working for matrices above 500

Highway Assignment

  • Update to output statistics (LAMBDA values column removed) when EQUI=AVE, ITE, SUM, WTD


  • Fix issue with denormalized floating point values

Cube Base


  • Fix issue with installing Voyager when license-only option is chosen in silent install

Scenario Manager

  • Fix for background bitmap file path not updating when moving models

Application Manager

  • Improved support for moving models with file-geodatabases
  • Update to reduce warning messages when moving models with tokens

Data Manager

  • Performance improvements when opening geo-databases in data manager
  • Remove unnecessary limitations on non-Cube geodatabases
  • Fix to prevent issue with double clicking unsupported data files
  • Add support for dragging layer files to GIS window
  • Add support for DWG, DXF files in data manager

Network Editor

  • Fix for issue with displaying PT line names

GIS Editor

  • Fix for issue with incorrect pointing to path file when geo-database networks are used.
  • Several PT editing defects related to access violations have been fixed.
  • Update to layer filter setting behavior.
  • Fix for ‘Interface not supported’ error when displaying path files
  • Fix for issue with auto-routing not ignoring filtered links when adding PT lines
  • Add checks for duplicate line names when adding new PT lines
  • Fix for ‘Items not found in this collection’ error
  • Fix for feature explorer from showing line data for deleted line
  • Update to select/unselect context menu item in feature explorer
  • Fix issue with route edit and attach file buttons in wrong state
  • Fix issue with build path functionality
  • Fix to automatic node numbering interface to reflect the layer selected in the table of contents
  • Fix to access violation error when reading a log file
  • Fix for issue to not allow the feature explorer node to change when creating a new PT line
  • Improved drag and drop operation from the data manager to the GIS window
  • Fix for issue with disabled edit toll after selecting save edits
  • Fix for access violation when opening corrupt layer file
  • Fix for access violation when removing a newer layer file from the table of contents
  • Fix for issue where dragging (not double-clicking) an MXD onto Cube Base from the data manager creating a race condition
  • Fix for ‘Grid index out of range’ error when multiple PT lines are selected and then clicked using the edit tool.
  • Add feature to copy attribute data from feature explorer
  • Fix for ‘Select unused nodes’ tool not working with data from MDBs
  • Add feature to include link filters when building shortest paths
  • Update to feature explorer dock/undock movement

Intersection Data Editor

  • Updated display settings to switch off banned movements in the output intersection data window

DBF Editor

  • Updated warning message for DBF field issues

Task Monitor

  • Fix for left out scenario keys in user input dialog, when running script files

Text Editor

  • Update to highlight words matching the selection

Cube Cargo

  • Update for maximum forecast year from 2050 to 9999 in the control file editor.

Analyst Drive

  • Performance optimizations
  • Fix for issues with SLCODE pre-processing


  • Fix for crash when PKPTPTHSIZ, PACKETLOG and INTERLOADINC are used

Note: If you are moving from a Cube 6.4 installation to Cube 6.4.4 installation. Please follow the below steps.

  • After installation of Cube 6.4.4, open license manager
  • Go to Menu>>Download License Updates
  • Select the licenses which are activated on the computer and Click Download Updates

You have to do this the first time you install Cube 6.4.4 on a computer, which already has Cube 6.4. This only applies to licenses which are activated on that computer and does not apply to licenses from a server.