Webinar: Simplified Tour-Based Model


Session Description

This presentation describes a new type of tour-based model that fills the gap between four-step models and complex activity-based models.


Bill Allen is the Director of Services for Citilabs and manages the consulting practice. Bill has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in civil engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has 37 years of experience in consulting, mainly in travel modeling. He specializes in calibrating and running travel demand models and has created regional, subarea, and site models for areas all over the country. He is a registered Professional Engineer in three states.

Meeting Times and Registration

UTC+7, 8am: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
UTC+8, 9am: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Western Australia
UTC+9, 10am: South Korea, Japan
UTC+9.5, 10:30am: South Australia, Northern Territory
UTC+10, 11am: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania
UTC+12, 1pm: New Zealand

Participants can use their telephone or computer speakers.