Cube Version 6.4.3 Coming
Later This Year

The next version will include these new features:
  • Cube Voyager - Public Transport
    • Crowding - stopping criteria with available statistics
  • Cube Base - General
    • Cube/Sugar compatibility with ArcGIS 10.5
  • Cube Base - Data Manager
    • Improved Build Network From Shapefile Tool, with node import drops fields


Version 6.4.3 will also include 55 additional enhancements to these modules:

  • Analyst Drive
  • Cube Base - Application Manager
  • Cube Base - Data Manager
  • Cube Base - General
  • Cube Base - GIS Window
  • Cube Base - Network Window
  • Cube Base - Scenario Manager
  • Cube Cluster
  • Cube Voyager - General
  • Cube Voyager - Highway
  • Cube Voyager - Matrix
  • Cube Voyager - Public Transport



Webinar: Simplified Tour-Based Model Wednesday, July 26, 2017 from 2-4 PM ET

This presentation describes a new type of tour-based model that fills the gap between four-step models and complex activity-based models.





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How to match your transit lines when extracting a roadway subarea network?

If you have a roadway subarea network from a regional network and you need to match your Transit Lines with this subarea, you can use a simple tool like the one demonstrated below.

This simple example based on the Cubetown network only works if the same Transit Lines are not exiting or re-entering the subarea. Further refinement to this application is necessary to obtain the desired PT subarea network with specific issues such the above-mentioned one.

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Training Opportunities

Through our online platform, Citilabs U, users are able to conveniently access training content from anywhere with a web connection. This fall, we will offer two live training courses:




Upcoming Courses

August 22nd - 23rd | Integrating ArcGIS with Cube (6 hours) 

This six-hour course provides a comprehensive, overview of the tools and features in Cube 6 that allow you to integrate transportation modeling and geographic information systems. This course is designed for Cube users who are interested in storing their model data in ESRI geodatabases and using ArcGIS-based techniques to edit data and create maps.





October 17th, 18th & 19th | Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Cube Avenue (6 Hours)

This course is designed to teach users how to use Cube Avenue to dynamically simulate traffic flow in a corridor or region. Cube Avenue is a dynamic traffic assignment extension for Cube Voyager.   It models traffic at greater levels of detail than macroscopic models, like Cube Voyager’s Highway program, and at lesser levels of detail than microscopic models, like Cube Dynasim.