Citilabs’ Sugar Access Project Featured in ArcNews Summer Issue

In the latest issue of ArcNews, which reaches more than 750,000 readers interested in GIS technology, Citilabs’ work with the Commonwealth of Virginia is highlighted prominently in the “Your Work” heading of the publication.

The article is titled, “With GIS, Virginia Allocates Transportation Funds Based on Merit,” outlines the ways Citilabs’ new Access Score measures figure into the Virginia Smart Scale program - a cutting edge project prioritization scoring model for state DOTs.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

With Sugar Access, planners can conceptualize, understand, and communicate the benefits of multimodal systems in a comprehensive manner. After compiling all the accessibility data, planners can save it in a geodatabase and publish it in ArcGIS Online to conduct mapping and analysis and share data with decision makers or the public. Then, using the Sugar Network Editor for ArcGIS Desktop, they can create different transportation scenarios to increase the livability of an area—whether that means adding more bike lanes that lead to downtown or changing bus routes.

“With the multimodal analysis capabilities of Sugar Access, changes in access scores are sensitive not only to transit service improvements, but also potentially to pedestrian projects affecting
access to transit,” said Citilabs’ engineer Matt Pettit. “It was designed specifically to calculate all aspects of a transit trip: the time it takes to walk to transit, wait time, time on transit, transfers, and more.”

You can download the entire ArcNews Summer 2017 Issue and read the article at: http://www.esri.com/~/media/Files/Pdfs/news/arcnews/summer17/summer-2017.pdf